Background Checks

Utilize background checks as part of your childcare search to hire the right caregiver

Safety is our top priority at WeeCare. This page explains background checks specifically for non-daycare providers on the WeeCare platform. For more information about the home daycare licensing process, please reference your state's licensing requirements.

What is a background check?

A background check is an investigative search by a consumer reporting agency (CRA) into a certain person's history. The scope of a background check may include criminal history, driving record, verification of prior employment, and potentially other categories.

What's included in a background check?

Verified providers are required to submit to and successfully pass a background check every two years. These checks are performed by a CRA and initiate a seven year lookback that search for the following information:
  • Current County Criminal Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • Address History
  • SSN Check
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Global Watchlist Search

How does WeeCare use background checks?

We manually review every candidate whose history reveals information that may disqualify them from providing care. If the results of the background check confirm that a prospective provider does not meet our safety standards, the individual is immediately removed and banned from our platform. We look at a variety of charges when determining eligibility for our platform. Any of the following criminal convictions will disqualify a prospective provider from joining the platform, and will result in a current provider's immediate termination from the platform, including:

  • Criminal Intent
  • Security Charges
  • Theft & Property
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Sexual Charges
  • Vehicles & Traffic
  • Fraud & Deception
  • Statutory Charges
  • Violence & Homicide

In accordance with federal and state privacy laws, WeeCare is unable to share specific results from an individual's background check, however we encourage families to select care providers with the verified WeeCare badge that signifies they have passed a background check. Families are also welcome and encouraged to conduct additional background checks at their discretion.

How do I know which providers are background checked?

Background checked providers earn their verification badge . This badge appears next to their profile photo and on the provider's listing page.

What additional measures can I take to ensure the safety of my family?

While background checks provide a great amount of information, they are only one part of the decision making process. Prior to enrolling, meet with your childcare provider to get to know them. Make sure you are fully comfortable with this individual caring for your child and potentially visiting your home. The following points can help you get started:
  • Verify their experience, education/degrees, and any special certifications
  • Ask for reference checks
  • Learn about their care style
  • Ask about caregiving and disciplining philosophies

When you're ready to begin your childcare search, WeeCare provides you with additional tools that help you find the right caregiver:
  • Reviews: Read through the reviews of prospective caregivers to get a feel for other families' experiences. Focusing on highly rated providers who receive many positive reviews can help you narrow down your search. Each provider's listing page will show all the reviews they've garnered.
  • Messaging: Chat instantly with caregivers. After sending a care request to a provider, you can begin chatting with them to find out more information. Messaging is available on your web dashboard or, more conveniently, through the WeeCare app.

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