Employee Childcare Benefits — What’s in It for Employers?

Why do employers sponsor childcare? Employee childcare benefits help both parties, with employers seeing reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, increased productivity, and more competitive recruitment when they support their working families with care benefits.

Employer-sponsored childcare benefits programs are increasingly top of mind for organizations eager to retain and attract talent in a competitive labor market. Employees with children need to solve the childcare puzzle to ensure they’re available to work and many will strongly consider an employer’s care benefits when weighing whether to move jobs.

Childcare benefits impact the bottom line for employers

Although momentum has been building for employee childcare benefits for some time, a segment of employers might not offer these care benefits because they think it will save them time, energy, and money. The economic reality, however, is that going with the status quo and opting not to offer childcare benefits for employees happens to be detrimental to the bottom line.

Without solid childcare benefits in place, working parents miss more days due to childcare issues, are less productive/focused at work, and may ultimately be forced to leave their job to care for their children. These challenges disproportionately affect women in the U.S. workforce.

Organizations that support working families to address these significant childcare issues may do so for altruistic or business reasons, but either way the results will be overwhelmingly positive and give these employers a leg up on their competition.

Why are employee childcare benefits important?

As it turns out, childcare is not just another benefit. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some employers may start out by offering the bare minimum of childcare benefits in some form, which may look like a more narrowly focused, rigid program.

While employee childcare benefits of any kind are certainly a good start, offering benefits that aren’t flexible does not really work for the vast majority of employees. We discussed this recently in a post about how traditional employee childcare benefits fall short.

Employers are choosing to offer childcare benefits for employees and WeeCare, the largest childcare network in America, provides flexible, affordable programs.

Employees with childcare benefits rank higher in job satisfaction

Employers offering flexible, affordable employee childcare benefits come out on top and consistently rank higher in job satisfaction surveys. Working families who feel supported are far more likely to thrive at the organization, feel excited to join and acclimate to the work culture, miss fewer days, produce better work, and stay with their employer longer.

One of the biggest keys to implementing a successful employer-sponsored childcare benefits program that leads to happy employees is selecting the right childcare network that fits the unique needs of your workforce.

WeeCare is the largest childcare network in the United States and a leading provider of employee childcare benefits. At the core of our childcare network is over 5,000 licensed in-home daycare providers as well as 30,000+ nannies and babysitters. Our carefully vetted caregivers offer high-quality, affordable childcare that works for both employees and employers.

With more flexible schedules, small class sizes, and the ability to care for school-aged children, WeeCare’s childcare providers can support the unique needs of your working families.

WeeCare’s employee childcare benefits programs include everything from childcare assistance and stipends to backup childcare.

Our Childcare Assistance program helps families discover and access high-quality, affordable childcare. WeeCare’s full and partial childcare stipends can be utilized by employers to assist employees with childcare costs. We also offer emergency/backup care to support working families when the unexpected occurs and their regular childcare plans are disrupted at the last minute. As employers, you can mix-and-match these program offerings to create the customized childcare benefits needed for your workforce.

We are always here at benefits@weecare.co — let’s start the conversation.

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