We Cherish All Moms — Happy Mother’s Day From WeeCare


We know you’re exhausted.

Beyond exhausted.

The struggle is real.

But we’d never know it from the outside because you wear it so well.

Motherhood is like a triathlon that has no finish line. You keep running it over and over again. Every. Single. Day. Forget preparing for an Ironman, you’re an Iron Mom!

We are your partners, children, siblings, friends, and colleagues. We see your triumphs, failures, and the mundane middle ground.

And even if we have a front-row seat to your mothering main event, we still don’t quite know how you do it. How you make everything look easier than it actually is. How you can be so efficient, responsible, and loving… at all times.

Motherhood = a full-time commitment

Modern life is hectic and challenging for all of us, with competing demands on our time and attention at seemingly every turn. As difficult as many people may have it, moms like you typically deal with a whole different level of stress and organized chaos in your daily lives.

The 24/7 reality of the job hits all parents, no doubt, but the strain has been and continues to be more acute for all you moms out there. Every household is different, of course, but the research still bears this out.

Whether you’re a working mom or not, you are always working and juggling the considerable full-time responsibilities of being a parent.

We want you to know that we appreciate your tireless contributions more than you may realize.

WeeCare thanks moms for Mother’s Day, highlights how they juggle busy parenting lives and make things look easy while doing the most important job in the world.

Gratitude on Mother’s Day

While moms like you should be celebrated throughout the year for everything you do, Mother’s Day provides a moment to pause and reflect on the impact you’ve had on our lives.

As a WeeCare team, we’d like to share some Mother’s Day thoughts to show our appreciation:

  • “My mom is my rock, my role model, and my best friend. She’s the person I always know I can count on and that means the world to me. 💜 Mamas for the win!” - Saphira H.
  • “I’m so grateful for my mom who embraced all the responsibilities and possibilities of motherhood. And to my wife, who makes a million parenting decisions look effortless while working her mama magic every day. Thank you to all the incredible moms who make the impossible seem possible.” - Sean M.
  • “Thanks to all the moms out there who patiently spent countless hours — time that they didn’t really have — mentoring and educating their kids through their daily homework.” - Jesse F.
  • “Your baby’s heart stopped but we know your love as a Mother continues. You are Loved. You are Whole and You are Not Alone. Do not lose hope. Rainbow dust to us all.” - Bianca J.
  • “Now that I’m a mom, I realize how truly stressful motherhood can be and am in awe at how my own mother appeared to do everything with ease. She worked a full-time job yet still found the time to cook a homemade dinner every night for our family of five, and never broke a sweat. Fast forward 25 years and I have trouble deciding where we’ll order take-out from on any given night. Sending appreciation to all of the moms who paved the way before us and made it look easy, even though it’s truly the hardest (yet most rewarding) job in the world.” - Amber R.
  • “My mom became a mother at 22 and started her own in-home daycare, running it successfully for eight years. She then went into the corporate world and had an amazing career for 18 years. She taught me and my siblings that you can have anything you want in this life. You can have a family, a career, retire, start again, and become anything you want to be.” - Kristie T.
  • “If I ever have news — good or bad — or I need a little extra love and support, my mom is the first person I call. No matter how many miles are between us, she is there to listen and, if need be, provide moral support. My mom can be my biggest cheerleader, and she also knows when to give me a little tough love so I can grow to be my best self.” - Jesse C.

Every day is Mother’s Day

When we’re young, it’s difficult to understand and fully appreciate everything a parent does for us. That level of comprehension changes over time and as adults, we may finally start to understand the extraordinary sacrifices, attention to detail, and sleepless nights that it took to raise us.

Mothers like you do invaluable work all the time, with every game played, meal prepped, birthday planned, and curiosity piqued.

Even though parenting is the toughest job many of us will ever have, we also know it is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and uplifting endeavor we can undertake, too. There is nothing quite like raising a child and we marvel at the love you share with your family.

Parenting has been and always will be an emotional roller coaster, with incredibly low lows immediately followed by ridiculously high highs, along with everything in between. While no one has a perfect record in this grand game of child-rearing, we’d like to tip our caps to you for everything you’ve accomplished so far and the wins that still lie ahead.

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