HR managers looking to do right by their employees and the organization can look to employer-sponsored childcare benefit programs as a win-win decision.

Why Should HR Managers Seek Out Employer-Sponsored Childcare?

Why add employer-sponsored childcare? HR Managers and benefits pros should lobby for employee childcare benefits because they help employers as well as the employees.

It turns out that not only is it the ethical thing to do for supporting your working families, but there is a strong business case to be made for employee childcare benefits too.

Childcare impacts on employers

Some organizations might not offer childcare benefits for employees due to thinking that this will save them time and energy. The reality, however, is that not providing employer-sponsored childcare benefits actually impacts their bottom line.

Working parents without these care benefits show up less, are unfocused at work, and many have to leave their jobs due to childcare issues. The very real challenges of employees’ inadequate childcare has a negative effect on their overall productivity.

It costs employers a significant amount to replace employees who leave the organization for any reason, with a lack of employer-sponsored childcare benefits a preventable cause to be sure.

For a segment of employers, offering the bare minimum in terms of employee childcare benefits is one way to check the care benefits box. However, the truth is that childcare is not a one-size-fits-all benefit.

Unfortunately, offering employer-sponsored childcare benefits that aren’t flexible, affordable, or usable — due to location, lack of providers, or hours/services available, for instance — simply does not work for the majority of employees. Further, bare minimum efforts disproportionately affect women, minorities, and low-income families, exacerbating existing inequities.

Employee childcare benefits are mutually beneficial

Employers who offer flexible, affordable childcare benefits for employees come out on top, both financially and by ranking higher in job satisfaction surveys.

Happy employees = happy employers. Working parents who feel supported are more likely to thrive: they’ll be excited to join the workforce, show up consistently, produce better work, and stay with the organization longer.

Most employers are dealing with various organizational challenges, from hiring and recruitment to retention and employee productivity. Implementing a comprehensive employee childcare benefits program helps address these issues.

The right childcare network to solve workers’ childcare issues

WeeCare is the largest childcare network in the U.S. and a leader in employee childcare benefits. We empower employers to offer practical childcare benefit solutions to their workforce in order to address complex childcare needs impacting home and work.

WeeCare’s childcare benefits for employees include affordable, flexible programs designed to help everyone, especially women, minorities, and low-income families. Our network of vetted in-home daycare providers offers high-quality childcare to families at up to 40% lower rates than traditional daycare centers, creating a tangible difference in working parents’ weekly budgets.

WeeCare’s nannies, babysitters, and in-home daycares also offer more flexible hours than on-site daycare, solving the scheduling issues many families face when balancing work shifts and childcare. Our employee childcare benefits programs range from childcare assistance and backup care to full and partial childcare stipends.

WeeCare’s Childcare Assistance program facilitates employers helping families to find and access quality, affordable childcare in their neighborhoods. Backup care is an important option to support working families when childcare plans fall through or change unexpectedly. Childcare stipends enable employers to offset their employees’ considerable childcare costs.

Offering employer-sponsored childcare benefits is a win-win proposition. Not only is it a way to show employees that you care about them as human beings, but choosing the right programs make childcare a reality for families while also being good for business.

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