WeeCare: Solving the Childcare Crisis

WeeCare was founded by a team of educators, preschool owners, and technology innovators with over 30+ years of experience in early childhood care. Our mission is to make affordable, world-class childcare accessible to all families. We strive to empower individuals, especially women, by helping them start and operate their own childcare business.

Why WeeCare?

  • Accessibility: On average, our licensed home-based childcare providers are 40% less expensive than preschools.
  • Time Convenience: We offer up to 12 hours of care daily, as well as specialized, flexible care for weekends, evenings, and early morning hours.
  • Flexible Schedules: WeeCares are typically within a block or two of the neighborhoods where many families live and work.

Childcare Benefits

WeeCare has created the only childcare benefits program built to enable employers of all sizes to cost-effectively offer employees and team members the most convenience and support for their childcare needs. WeeCare’s Childcare Benefits result in decreased employee absenteeism, more competitive recruiting, reduced job turnover, and increased job satisfaction, especially when it comes to returning back to work.

In response to COVID-19, WeeCare developed Fever Free for our providers. Our innovative technology helped keep 97% of WeeCares open safely during 2020. Offering remote health checks with visual verification, Fever Free has helped thousands of educational institutions and industries stay open safely during the pandemic.

Look who's talking 👀

“Instead of caring for children who attend their daycare regularly, [WeeCare is] now caring for children of first responders and essential workers.”

-Catherine Shu

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“WeeCare, a Los Angeles-based daycare startup that’s been in operation since January 2018, has managed to keep most of its daycares open for the children of essential workers.”

-Maya Shwayder

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"WeeCare is a platform that works sort of like a Lyft for in-home day cares, making thousands of these businesses searchable and helping with overhead such as marketing and billing.”

-Anya Kamenetz

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"'Demand has been three times more than we’ve had at our highest peak [pre-pandemic],' said Jessica Chang, chief executive of WeeCare, the country’s largest home day-care network."

-Sonja Sharp

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"...WeeCare [helps] connect parents with [thousands of] child care facilities around the country... her team created a feature... that allows parents to see facility fever counts at a glance."

-Marco della Cava

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"... allows WeeCare providers to make nearly three times an average preschool teacher’s annual salary ... It also, she said, kept tuition costs low for parents."

-James Cuchin

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“WeeCare helps offer child care options for infants to six-year-olds. The company also serves licensed home daycares, micro-preschools run out of people’s homes."

-Nicole Charky

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"WeeCare daycare providers don’t just get WeeCare’s help with marketing and administrative work. They also get the chance to make up to $100,000 a year...”

-Lindy Gullett, PhD

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