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Activity ideas for my students with disability?

Hi providers!! I need some ideas...I have a few students with some developmental delays and Im wondering if anyone has ideas on some fun activities we can do as a class that are also educational?? Anything helps! Thank you!!

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Michele posted June 16, 2020

Hands on activities as most children with disabilities especially autism are visually stimulated and not auditory processors. Simple step-by-step with immediate results are best. I actually just made lava lamps with my students, but I also did it with my Autistic Son who absolutely loved it. Very simple process using oil, water, food coloring, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. They get to see the color rising and create an immediate lava lamp. Additional things to do would always be cooking because you can do the pre-measuring ahead of time and simply have them mix it into the bowl and take turns letting the mix the bowl and then they get to eat their treats when they’re done. Art is also always good as well as magic sand, or building things utilizing magnetics. Just to mention a few ideas. I’ve worked with special needs children for over 20 years, as well as raised one of my own 1 Like

Jeannine posted June 17, 2020

Keep them engaged that suite their development 0 Likes