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Advice for how to treat baby acne?

My baby is 4 weeks old and has had acne on his cheeks, nose, and forehead for a couple of weeks now. Is this normal? How do I treat it? Not gonna lie, I'm starting to get worried!

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Alejandra posted February 10

Yes, it’s totally normal! It usually lasts for a month or so, hang in there. I know it’s awful but it is a sign that you have a growing baby, which is great!! 0 Likes

Chenoa posted February 10

I read on a blog that some moms think the pimples look less irritated when breastmilk is applied. Haven’t tried it yet but definitely going to. 0 Likes

Amina posted February 11

I swear by Eucerin Eczema cream! It has been so helpful! 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 11

Yes Eucerin is amazing on babies.. Try it and I'd it doesn't work the next step is the doctors. 0 Likes

Alan posted February 11

use plain natural vaseline after washing the face,apply about 3 times daily or when ever you like after a few weeks you will see beautiful skin. 0 Likes

Alan posted February 11

not alan patricia rosser 0 Likes

Valjean posted February 11

First I hate to say t his but try not to allow people to kiss your baby. I know that seems a little harsh but all your acne spots are kissing spots. I got that little tip from one of the older women at church when I had my first baby. Try A&D ointment 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19

The baby skin is Sensitive don’t use oils or perfumes. My daughter had the same condition as a newborn. 0 Likes

Bethany posted May 1

just gently wipe with a cool washcloth. DONT POP THEM. Also more frequent bath time may help. 0 Likes