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Ahh! I accidentally lost my son’s favorite toy - what do I tell him?

I totally goofed and lost my son’s favorite toy during one transition or another! Any suggestions on ways to break the news to him? I know he’s young but he’s going to be heartbroken!

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Cameron posted February 18, 2020

Do not worry!! Yes, he may be sad when he finds out, but it’s a good lesson to learn that we’re human and lose things sometimes :) 0 Likes

Elsa posted February 18, 2020

Your guilt probably outweighs your son’s feelings about it! Be gentle when you tell him but also make sure you use it as a teaching moment, explaining how losing things happens to everyone. 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 19, 2020

Yes he will be 💔 so be honest and then take him to the store to make a new favorite... 0 Likes

Lisa posted February 19, 2020

Definitely be honest. We all loose things and that’s part of life. Your showing him honesty and we need to do that for our kids, regardless of age. Then let him help pick out something new. 0 Likes

Heather posted March 17, 2020

Tell him gently then Amazon lol 0 Likes

Bethany posted May 1, 2020

Break the news gently and offer to make a new favorite toy with him (if not purchasable). Ask him all sorts of questions about what he liked and didn’t like about his old toy. Doing this with him will help show him you really care and it should also help you feel better too. 0 Likes

Monica posted June 30, 2022

BUY ANOTHER ONE But tell him the toy go in a tri to bring him a candy 0 Likes