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Alternative medicine for children: pros vs. cons?

Did anyone else grow up with alternative medicine (mostly herbal teas) as the only remedies for common colds, fevers, and flus? I'm not anti modern/western-medicines, but I grew up with it, and I don't feel comfortable giving over-the-counter drugs to my son every time he shows some sign of an illness? Esp if it doesn't seem urgent.

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Martha posted June 11, 2019

If we have to use meds, my husband and I always do half or quarter doses with our daughter. We make sure to only turn to medicine when absolutely necessary. Growing up we used a lot of herbal remedies (for example salt water for sore throat) and I try to continue that in my house today! 1 Like

Yuriko posted June 12, 2019

good to know! @Martha Half/quarter doses make sense 0 Likes

Carrie posted June 12, 2019

I grew up with a lot of alternative medicine, but we also took antibiotics when necessary. We’ve found that a combination of both works really well. Sometimes alternatives are enough, and that’s great. Sometimes whatever it is is beyond what basic alternatives can handle, and you have to turn to more common medicines. 1 Like