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Am I giving in by hiring a night nurse or sleep specialist for my 1.5 year old who won’t sleep?

I have a 1.5 year old that will not sleep through the night and is having so much difficulty falling asleep… other mamas, would you suggest working with a night nurse or sleep specialist? I’m really tired…

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Francesca posted February 10, 2020

You are not alone!!! Have you tried not putting him down for a nap during the day? In my experience, that’s been one of the most helpful things for getting my baby to stay asleep through the night. 0 Likes

Faith posted February 10, 2020

Hi! Have you heard of the blog takingcarababies? She also has an Instagram :) I love love love her advice–it helped so much with my little one! Hang in there, mama. If you need to hire a sleep specialist, do it. Listen to your gut. 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 11, 2020

Oh wow really, have you tried to just sleep train or stop all stacks at 6pm.. Did you set the bed time for 7pm or earlier?? A lot of times that's what's needs. Or you can try some smooth music or music that the baby likes. 0 Likes

Mavis posted February 13, 2020

I hear you on being tied. Our daughter has twins that just turned one in January. M daughter and son-in-law work outside the home. At first my daughter's in laws plus myself and husband would help out. Now they sleep throughout the night, but it took a while. Getting help is not a sign of weakness but strength and wisdom. Have you tried making sure that your baby is well fed at night, bathed and toilette 0 Likes

Mavis posted February 13, 2020

bathed and help him/her to the bathroom. Try not change the diaper at night unless it's poop. 0 Likes

Patricia posted February 25, 2020

Night nurse are great !
My suggestions are regular time and routine at night ( bath, dinner, book and bed).

Heather posted March 17, 2020

Get a nap sack or weighted blanket for his/her age 0 Likes

Ogaridt posted July 17, 2020

What to wake up your baby during the day 0 Likes

Ogaridt posted July 17, 2020

And take a walk in the natural 0 Likes