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Any inexpensive COVID toy finds?

Mamas, my kids are sick of their toys but I don't have the money to buy them anything shiny and new! Anything inexpensive that will help with the boredum?

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Bobbi posted July 14

Ha I don't have any new toy finds but I definitely feel like they're going through toys at a much faster rate... either breaking or losing them all over the house! I told them I wouldn't buy more until they start being more careful 0 Likes

Adele posted July 14

My kids have become obsessed with legos. They can't get enough of them even though they didn't seem to have any interest in it before quarantine! It's fun to suprrise them with new sets and I can usually find used ones on eBay. 1 Like

Judith posted July 16

I always enjoyed do different arts and crafts with my mom. and cross stiching 0 Likes