At what age do kids learn how to spell their own names?

At what age do kids usually pick up on writing and spelling out their own names? My stepson seems to have it down but his twin sister, not so much. They are 4.

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Fatima posted July 5

100% on track with the average expected timing, developmentally speaking. Whether they can fully write it out or not, just making an attempt to do so is a good sign. She will catch up soon. 0 Likes

Lucia posted July 5

This is one of those developmental skills that vary pretty widely timing wise from child to child. They’re still developing fine motor skills and figuring out if they are right or left-handed. Some kids know all the letters but can’t write them in the correct order quite yet. This isn’t a bad sign - kids just master this at different speeds. Similar to picking up ABCs or learning how to count. There’s big age range considered “normal”. Keep crayons and paper in her reach at home and practice together. 0 Likes
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