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Best advice for baby proofing your house?

What should we buy/remove/be mindful of?

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Madisyn posted June 22, 2020

A stair gate, safety latches, and outlet protectors are must-haves!! 0 Likes

Rachael posted June 22, 2020

We did a sweep before we had our first and made sure to remove, lock up, or place hazardous items (knives and cleaning products) out of reach! Super important. 0 Likes

Tammy posted June 24, 2020

Cabinet safety locks and make sure all dressers and bookshelves or secured to the wall 0 Likes

Tammy posted June 24, 2020

To bathroom ect 0 Likes

Denise posted July 4, 2020

Always be mindful of things that can fall in case of an earthquake. 0 Likes