Best pets for young kids to care for?

What are the best pets for little kids to take care of? My daughter is four and she really really wants a kitten, but my husband is allergic and I think maybe a smaller animal might be better for her first pet. What are some good pet options for little kids?

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Anabelle posted September 6

We started super small and got my son a beta fish in a little bowl. I was glad that we didn’t get anything bigger because he was NOT GOOD about feeding it or cleaning the water (he was five and had begged me for it and promised he would show me just how responsible he was) and the fish did not live for more than two or three weeks. 0 Likes

Angie posted September 6

Our family started even smaller than a beta fish and got my twins two succulents. They were so sweet with them - watering them all the time and pulling up chairs to stare at them and try to watch them grow the first couple of days. They still water them everyday and they even talk to their plants and gave them names: Guy and George. So so cute. 0 Likes

Ryan posted September 6

We got my daughter a parakeet. It was actually kind of a big step and we had a very serious talk about feeding it and making sure its water was always filled. Training it hasn’t gone very well so far, but she adores it. Sunny (her parakeet) made a good birthday present for her. 0 Likes

Jill posted September 9

We ended up going with a pet on the smaller side too! We got our son a guinea pig, just because they are social animals, easy going and naturally mild mannered. They usually enjoy being in a pair so we are contemplating on getting another one soon! But for now George the guinea pig is doing great and our son loves him to bits. It melts my heart when I see him talking to George! 0 Likes

Brooke posted September 12

We opted for a hamster. They are small enough for the little ones to care for and you don't have the same demands as larger pets. Starting off small was great for us due to our busy schedules, and we were able to teach the responsibilities and nurturing that comes with caring for pets. 0 Likes

Donna posted September 17

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