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Curriculum ideas for my daycare please!! 😊

Hey ladies!! Im Cooped up at the daycare with kids and running out of ideas for learning activities to keep them busy and learning. If anyone has any ideas of types of activities they're doing and can share that would be SO SO helpful! You know how helpful details are for thesee things so I appreciate all the help I can get - tell me everything I need all the steps I will do these tomorrow with our class!! 🙏

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Bethany posted May 6

Have you tried the detergent and food coloring experiment (pie pan/paper plate of milk, drop of 2 different food coloring colors on opposite sides of plate in the milk, dip a toothpick in (I think it’s fabric softener) and touch toothpick to center of plate. Colors will mix all by themselves! Might even be able to gently dip paper into the milk and hang to dry for art pieces.

Good for slightly older kids, but non-toxic so good for any kid who can focus/not make messes.

Bethany posted May 6

More ideas:
-Make gak/slime/custom playdoh
-Experiment showing the different density of liquids (oil, and water, syrup, detergent etc.)
-Magnifying glass to look at things in nature up close/then draw it.
-Make Plaster monsters (week long project)
Show and tell favorite book
-Upcycle project from what would have been trash.
-Write nice letters to veterans/care workers/teachers/police etc.
-Crayon angels (kids lay on giant paper and make ‘snow angels’ holding crayons
3 legged race around the backyard
Teach cooking basics like how salt or heat effects food like chemistry.
Watercolor paints with added salt crystals (science!)

Also the kids show Creative Galaxy has lots of fun ideas.

Tameika posted May 11

You can look up work folders on Pinterest and it’s shapes, abc, days of the week, months and colors it work really well for the little ones. 0 Likes

Channel posted May 18

If you decide to take your children on neighborhood walks (MAKE SURE THEY ARE WEARING PROPER GEAR GLOVES MASK ETC) and have them help water the plants and flowers outside. Then they can come inside and do a fun activity where they can grow plants inside of a ziplock bag. There are plenty of examples and instructions online. Choose the one you see best. 0 Likes

Channel posted May 18

It’s best to do it on Friday so when they return on Monday they can see some sprouting beginning. Have them record their observations everyday (drawing or writing) 0 Likes