Does anyone else hate the Ferber method?

Moms, am I the only one of us who HATES the Ferber method? I feel like an awful person and I feel so guilty sitting there while my daughter cries. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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Tammy posted June 17

My husband and I felt like monsters for letting our Lily just cry. But it actually worked and so we didn’t feel like monsters forever! Actually a bit of a fan of the CIO method because now she sleeps all the way through the night - and that means more sleep for mommy too! 0 Likes

Carla posted June 17

It was too much for me. I gave up after the second night. Ended up having a sleep specialist visit our home a few nights one week. She taught me how to create a cozy, relaxed nighttime environment that would help sleep set in. Took a little bit longer, but no endless crying! 0 Likes

Brittany posted July 2

Yes it goes against every natural instinct. Look into attachment parenting. Prolonged crying raises cortisol levels and the stress can alter the development of brain structures. No thanks! 1 Like

Brooke posted July 16

I am not a fan of it! It is very difficult to listen to your baby cry. When I thought I could really try to implement it, my daughter's pediatrician strongly urged against it. His concern was mainly that it could cause emotional issues and she could develop a hernia (if the duration was too lengthy). I just continued sleep deprived and nurtured my baby girl to ensure her needs were met. I don't remember how long it took for me to actually rest properly again, but it was definitely a celebratory time! 0 Likes
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