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Finding care for special needs

I am writing for some peace of mind I guess. Our daughter is 2 and has a rare disease called hirschsprungs. She doesn’t have a large intestine which causes her to poop like all day long. She also has a dairy allergy. She has been seeing the same in home provider for a year and adores her. The sitter does an amazing job with her. Recently she started calling in a lot for being sick or her family being sick. I have a flexible work from home or in office position thankfully, but we all know 2 year olds are a handful. This past Friday I took a day off work, and i still brought her to daycare. She saw on my fb that I was not at work and texted me that we pay her to watch her so we can work not so I can shop. I was appalled. Dumbfounded. I didn’t respond right away because I was mad. When all was said and done I fired her. There was too many things said that she couldn’t even apologize for. So needless to say now I am searching for another day are and i am absolutely terrified. She is pretty sheltered due to her disease. How do we introduce her to a new care provider, when/if we can find one? Do we start with half days or do we just send her? Its also so hard to trust anyone these days even the doctors you think are good are being convicted of crimes. 😭

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Rukia posted January 8

Hi I’m a childcare provider what city do you live 0 Likes

Cassandra posted January 8

Im in cedar springs 0 Likes

Rukia posted January 8

Oh I live in Seattle 0 Likes

Dotie posted January 9

Hi there Cassandra, I just read your write up about your baby girl first of all I want to apologize for that provider that was unethical and not to mention very unprofessional. As providers we do this job because we have a calling and our first concern should be for the safety and the well-being of our little ones in care, if you were in my area I would definitely have you come do a meet and greet and let me get to know your little girl. I agree it’s very hard and it was the very hardest thing for me to do 20 years ago when I needed daycare for my little girls Trust issues safety issues, security issues you name it but mothers only want to trust and believe that after they drop off and go to work that they have the most confidence in the place and people that they leave their baby’s with. I pray that you find a wonderful place and good fit somewhere soon.
Ms Dotie in
Elk Grove Ca

Cassandra posted January 9

Thank you Dotie. Its nice to feel reassured. I couldn’t agree more with having trust issues with people. Scares me to death leaving her with someone else. 🥺 0 Likes