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Fun activities for keeping cool in the hot weather?

Hey moms!!! It's been SO hot this past week and my kiddos love playing outside -- I want to make sure they have plenty activities that keep them cool, any suggestions?!!

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Pooja posted June 12, 2020

Parent hack is to feed them "popsicles" that are really just large ice cubes on sticks (freeze water in a popsicle mold). This will keep them hydrated while they're having fun!! 0 Likes

Ruth posted June 12, 2020

Anything with water is obvi great -- sprinklers, water tables, any sort of pools, etc. Make sure they're wearing plenty of sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, too!!! 0 Likes

Connie posted June 16, 2020

Water table, splash pad, sprinkler & wading pool 0 Likes

Regina posted June 16, 2020

Morning I like they old fashion water slides big lots had them on sale,they had they doubled one and single,and also had jump frog it’s a water game 0 Likes

Channel posted June 24, 2020

Children LOVE water games. Get a watering can and tell your children they are flowers and water the flowers. Or water balloons. You can play water tag (whoever gets sprayed first is it). 0 Likes

Channel posted June 24, 2020

It’s a fun way to keep cool and keep them active as well 0 Likes

Susan posted July 14, 2020

Use a sprinkler and buy some small containers at the dollar store so they can have water play 0 Likes