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Gadgets and speech development. 🤔Help or hinder?

We have not once talked about the fact that the gadgets till 3 years is contraindicated from the point of view of the maturation of brain structures. And today we will look at this problem from the point of view of speech development.

It is scientifically proven that no live communication and sensory perception of the objects (smell-touch-taste) it develops very slowly. Moreover, even if a person is completely isolated from society in adulthood, they will lose the ability to talk. Fix this so it works in our brain.

Therefore, long-view movies on the tablet in the end will negatively affect the development of speech.

Let's understand:

✅Children remember words through the speech of adults and peers. The more people of different ages communicate with the child, the better. Just repeatedly listening to the same phrase produced by my mom, dad, grandma, friend, etc., it is to learn to speak correctly and to use these words in different situations; remember the phoneme

✅It involves developing a knowledge of the world. The more items, events, and actions around, the more likely the child will want to call these things “a spade”;

✅Speech is formed through images. When a child knows what an object looks or smells like, it is easier for them to apply the word that means it in the right way. Choose the appropriate wording.

Now let's think about what can give our children the gadget is? Communication? Tactile contacts? Games, interesting events, live speech?

None of this, right? 🙅

Therefore, it is best to remove the tablet and get a book with fairy tales or to invite other children. You won't notice. how “your silent one " will start talking in a way that you can't stop.

What time your child began to speak? Did you do anything to help him do this?

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