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Gender Neutral Parenting: Pros vs. Cons?

It’s really important to me that I raise my child in a way that allows her to be whoever she wants to be. She’s still really small, not sitting up just yet. I’m wondering if any of you have raised your children with a gender-neutral parenting style, what it has been like, and why you chose to do it. Also, if anyone is super opposed to gender-neutral parenting, would be interesting to hear your thoughts, as well!

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Erica posted September 16, 2019

I don’t know how I feel about gender neutral parenting. I think it might confuse the child. I think it’s one thing to make sure you’re not raising your child in a way that puts them in a box. It’s good to be conscious of things you were raised with that may have been sexist and harmful, but completely gender neutral parenting seems like too much to me. They’re little. They need a lot of guidance. 0 Likes

Olivia posted September 16, 2019

I’m in disagreement. I think I’m a pretty chill mom. If someone wants to raise their kids in a way that is gender-neutral, I don’t think I’d have any problem with it. Might be difficult later on because not everyone will understand it or be able to keep it up when you’re not there. But I don’t really feel like it would hurt. 0 Likes

Maile posted September 24, 2019

I never really labeled my parenting style. I have a boy and a girl and I allow my kids to choose what they like. I was a tomboy growing up, but loved my barbies. I'd like to believe I will give my kids to opportunity to make their own choices. 0 Likes

Angela posted September 26, 2019

I just think there is no right or wrong answer for this. It should be completely up to the parent on what they feel is the best way to raise their child(ren). It's more important to remember that children are children, and we as adults do have to guide them initially as they develop and mature. Allowing them to have a more gender neutral choice does provide more freedom of expression and may not be such a bad idea. 0 Likes