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Good Jobs for Stay-At-Home Moms?

I’m a stay-at-home momma. Been trying to find a good way to work a little bit from home. Do any of you SAHMs know of good work from home jobs you can do while caring for your little ones?

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Jane posted September 10, 2019

I started working as a typist after I had my daughter. I can make my own hours and it’s an easy thing to stop and start with all of the interruptions that come with working from home while caring for your young children. 0 Likes

Camila posted September 10, 2019

My best friend is a stay-at-home mom and she started an in-home daycare last year! She got to watch her own kiddos while also giving them the opportunity to make friends with other kids in the area and earn some extra money to help support her family. 0 Likes

Stephanie posted September 10, 2019

I’m a SAHM and I’ve worked as both a virtual assistant and now a remote research assistant! 0 Likes

Denise posted September 11, 2019

I worked as a personal assistant for a few years before I had my first child, after which I decided to find a job which allows me to work from home. I'm now a virtual travel agent where I manage travel arrangements for a whole range of clients. It usually includes cruises, airlines, resorts, or excursion bookings. Not only can I do my job remotely from home, but a perk of the job is getting travel credits that allow my family and I to plan some lovely vacations together. 0 Likes

Maureen posted September 12, 2019

The absolute perfect career option for a SAHM is to become a licensed home child care provider. For passionate caregivers who enjoy being such an amazing part of children's early childhood education, this is the best option. As a SAHM and licensed home day care provider, you are able to have hands on experiences with your own child, provide a great social environment and build relationships with other families. WeeCare can help you in building and operating your home day care! 0 Likes

Corinna posted September 17, 2019

Hi Denise how would I found out more information on how to become a virtual travel agent? 0 Likes

Corinna posted September 17, 2019

Thank you :) 0 Likes