Having a hard time finding kids bedding!

I have looked everywhere for kids bedding! It's becoming pretty frustrating because I feel like the options are either dinosaurs for boys or princesses for girls. I want something neutral where it's not so gender related. Where could I find something like this? Target, Walmart, and Macy's are definitely not an option, which I thought they would be.

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Vanessa posted August 19

If you are looking for more neutral themes and colors, I would try Amazon or eBay. I feel like these online shopping sites have plenty of options now, they just may not be AS cheap. If you are looking for cheap options, I would recommend looking into buying regular sheets and altering it yourself to fit your kid's bed. 1 Like

Karsynn posted August 19

You can go buy any type of fabric at JoAnns or any local fabric store and pull up a quick youtube click to see how you can "easily" make a bed sheet. This may be very cost efficient and accommodate what you want.... it just may take some time. 1 Like

Kori posted August 26

Our go to place was Mervyn’s before they closed, now it’s Kohl’s. For bedding sets that focus more on color instead of characters or gender, I would recommend Kohl’s. You may find more options online through their site, but definitely worth taking a peek. This was extremely important to me as a parent of a boy and a girl who shared a room when they were younger. We didn’t want them to have crazy colors everywhere, so a gender neutral color scheme worked best. 1 Like

Jones posted September 3

We found some options at Crate&Kids, Houzz and Wayfair too. There were gender neutral colors and some even have abstract shapes and patterns in bright colors. My kids had a fun time pointing out the ones they liked! 0 Likes
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