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Having a hard time finding kids bedding!

I have looked everywhere for kids bedding! It's becoming pretty frustrating because I feel like the options are either dinosaurs for boys or princesses for girls. I want something neutral where it's not so gender related. Where could I find something like this? Target, Walmart, and Macy's are definitely not an option, which I thought they would be.

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Vanessa posted August 19, 2019

If you are looking for more neutral themes and colors, I would try Amazon or eBay. I feel like these online shopping sites have plenty of options now, they just may not be AS cheap. If you are looking for cheap options, I would recommend looking into buying regular sheets and altering it yourself to fit your kid's bed. 2 Likes

Karsynn posted August 19, 2019

You can go buy any type of fabric at JoAnns or any local fabric store and pull up a quick youtube click to see how you can "easily" make a bed sheet. This may be very cost efficient and accommodate what you want.... it just may take some time. 1 Like

Kori posted August 26, 2019

Our go to place was Mervyn’s before they closed, now it’s Kohl’s. For bedding sets that focus more on color instead of characters or gender, I would recommend Kohl’s. You may find more options online through their site, but definitely worth taking a peek. This was extremely important to me as a parent of a boy and a girl who shared a room when they were younger. We didn’t want them to have crazy colors everywhere, so a gender neutral color scheme worked best. 2 Likes

Jones posted September 3, 2019

We found some options at Crate&Kids, Houzz and Wayfair too. There were gender neutral colors and some even have abstract shapes and patterns in bright colors. My kids had a fun time pointing out the ones they liked! 0 Likes

Melanie posted August 24, 2021

Burts bees has many neutral beddings! 0 Likes