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Help! I have a picky eater on my hands!!

My 3 y.o is the PICKIEST eater and I’m losing my mind because of it. What should I do?!

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Cherise posted March 10

Toddlers are so so picky! My best tip for you is to make it fun. Use cookie cutters to make cool fruit shapes, offer them a lot of colorful food, and make everything finger food! 0 Likes

Geena posted March 10

My 3 y.o is the same way!! Pickier then my older one too that’s for sure. I’ve started including her in my meal planning which has helped. We look through kid-friendly cookbooks together and she picks things out that she wants to try. 0 Likes

Linda posted March 14

I have a few picky eaters as well, what I like to do is blend the food into their meals so they get all the servings needed. ( i.e. if I make Mac & cheese I blend broccoli into the sauce mix before adding it at the end). 1 Like

Heather posted March 17

Try letting your little one be involved in the cooking even if it’s a small task 1 Like

Nelda posted March 20

Have them help you cook that will work, I had them try the results after cooking them ,I used that at the daycare and helped . 0 Likes

Bethany posted April 16

Have you tried the tiny tastes method? The Gastropoda podcast has a great episode on this that I found very helpful 0 Likes

Dian posted April 27

fine out what the child like from mom, feed them that 0 Likes

Bethany posted May 1

Try the tiny tastes method! The podcast Gastropod does a great episode on explaining how to do this 0 Likes