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I have a 2 yr old that started in daycare 3 weeks ago. We started part-time (M,W,F) to give him time to adjust since he has always been with me. Only child. The majority of the time the teachers tell me that he spends his day sitting at the door waiting for me to come back. He doesn't event want to play. Academically he knows basically everything, we put him there to develop social skills. I think he has separation anxiety. It's normal that he spends all day at the door? It breaks my heart!

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Natalia posted June 25

for 2or 3days with this kids is good always have different thing to do for hem were u live ? 0 Likes

Jennifer posted June 28

I read your post and immediately had to respond. I feel like a lot of the children I have gotten around this age have had significantly more separation and socialization anxiety. I currently have two children who are exhibiting similar behaviors. I think with the pandemic they are much less used to being away from parents, have a slight delay in development for independent behaviors and really struggle with socialization because of all the practices to keep the children safe during the pandemic. All I can offer is that a good provider with lots of patience and consistency will really help. The first little boy I have is already starting to come out of his shell and interact, listen and play more. It took about two months however, so keep at it momma. You did the right thing by placing him in day care to help foster is socialization. 0 Likes