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Hi every one I hope your day is going well !

My name is Nekayla & I’m currently located in Indiana if you live in Indiana & are close to area code 46408 feel free email me & I will baby sit for you on Saturday & Sundays . I have two toddlers of my own so I know how it can be being a mom that just needs time to herself , or even just a mom that wants to have a night to sip her wine & watch some Kevin Hart & laugh as she does her toe nails . I also recommend you leaving me a note of everything your child likes to eat does not like to eat , what is his or hers favorite shows & etc ..if they may be allergic to any fruits , snack , or drinks . It does not matter how many children you have I will babysit them all for $50 a month . No not a hourly pay & yes momma bear you heard right for literally $50 at the end on the month .

Saturdays -Sundays

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