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Homemade baby food vs. store-bought?

Is homemade baby food really better for babies than store-bought? Is it as safe since it’s harder to regulate and store properly when making yourself?

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Debora posted January 28, 2020

When it comes to baby food, store-bought isn’t necessarily better or worse. It really depends on your needs and what works best for you and your baby. Store-bought food is convenient and room temperature-stable, making it a good option when you’re on the go or traveling. On the other hand, some store-bought options contain preservatives to achieve this, so check the labels to make sure only naturally occurring preservatives (like Vitamin C) are used. Luckily, there are plenty of natural and organic options on the market these days to choose from, but many can be costly. Homemade baby food can be more cost-effective, depending on the ingredients you use and which packaged options you’re considering. It’s also pretty darn easy to make - all you need to do is steam the fruits and vegetables and use a food processor or other tool to puree the food. Completely smooth food free of any chunks is, of course, extremely important to avoid choking risks, so always test it out yourself first. Storing is pretty simple, but remember that homemade baby food won’t keep as long as store-bought - so consider freezing when making a large batch at once. 0 Likes

Vanessa posted January 28, 2020

Do not stress out about making your own baby food at home. You are caring for an infant and there are plenty of other things to keep you busy - and to worry about. Home-made food doesn’t need to be one of them. It’s 2019 and there are a ton of awesome, organic brands making affordable baby food. Moms rave about Happy Baby Organic and Sprouts Organic pouches and you can even buy them on Amazon. 0 Likes

Ericka posted January 29, 2020

Homemade is always better 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

Home made is fresh and taste better. The more natural the food is the better it is for the child. 0 Likes