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How do I deal with the terrible twos? It is the worst!!

When I heard other parents complaining about the terrible twos, I thought our toddler was just a sweet exception to the rule. Now that she’s nearing two and a half, I finally get it. We are in a LOUD, public tantrum phase. ISO the best soothing methods, stat.

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Alyse posted January 13, 2020

The most common tip you’ll hear is to stay calm and ignore the outburst as much as possible. This is definitely easier said than done, especially when in public. If you do need to take steps to calm them down and address the behavior, try to speak softly and slowly - don’t mirror their frantic nature as this will probably just escalate the situation (and volume). 0 Likes

Helen posted January 13, 2020

My favorite method to get a handle on a meltdown is a simple breathing ritual. The key is to practice this with a child throughout the week when they are calm and tantrum-free. It can be as easy as taking deep slow breaths in their nose and out their mouth 10 to 15 times and counting the breaths together. Have them put their hand on their tummy and focus on their hand rising and falling. Once they have this down, you can keep the trick in your back pocket and quietly walk them through it when a tantrum pops up. If they don’t listen to you at first, just start doing it yourself until they join you. This same routine is also a great fix for moments when your child is dealing with separation anxiety and similar tough situations. 0 Likes