How do I get my breast milk supply up?

I’ve been needing some help with getting my breast milk supply up. Maybe I’m not getting enough water? Not sure it that could really be affecting my milk so much!

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Melanie posted June 5

Water, water, water - it’s so important when breastfeeding or pumping! 0 Likes

Julie posted June 5

Mother’s Milk Tea saved me during my pregnancy! You should be able to get it at the drugstore. 0 Likes

Heidi posted June 5

I’ve pumped for three kids now. Water is everything! Make sure you’re staying hydrated! 0 Likes

Charlotte posted June 5

They said it already, but Mother’s Milk Tea is the best. Highly recommend it. Along with that, you can try oats, drinking a lot of water, and making sure you’re well fed. Almond milk can be good, too! 0 Likes
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