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How do I get my toddler to begin speaking in full sentences?

My son is about 18 months, and he knows quite a few words, but he uses few full sentences and pronounces most of the words wrong. Should I try to find him a speech pathologist, or am I just worrying about nothing? Is there any reason not to take him to see one just in case?

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Ahzahdeh posted July 15, 2019

In my experience, it’s only really something to worry about at that age if your child isn’t speaking at all. And pronunciation isn’t too big of a deal when they’re little! Creates lots of cute little memories of all of the adorable ways they say things :) 0 Likes

Claire posted July 15, 2019

It can’t hurt to take him to see one! It might actually be a good thing because then at least you won’t be worrying anymore! Best of luck with this. I bet your little one is just fine, though! They all develop at slightly different rates. 0 Likes

Leah posted July 16, 2019

In raising two children, I recognized that they advance at their own pace for different stages of development. I have always discussed things with their pediatrician whenever I had questions or concerns. Depending on the feedback you receive from your child's pediatrician, you can better determine if a speech pathologist is needed at this stage. One thing I was instructed not to do is talk to them in baby talk. It's almost impossible to do at times, as if it's second nature when communicating with our little ones, however that can derail their speech and language development. 1 Like