How do I keep my newborn from crying after bath time?

Does anyone have advice on what to do after bathtime? My daughter is almost 7 weeks and she’s happy in the bath, but when we take her out she gets upset and cries for 10 to 15 minutes. I always make sure to wrap her in a towel as soon as we take her out and I’ve even started heating the room to almost 80 degrees! Any tips on how to keep her from getting so upset or how to calm her down quickly after taking her out of the water?

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Lisa posted June 5

Have you tried doing some tummy time after she gets out? 0 Likes

Chantal posted June 5

We always used the blow dryer! Make sure it’s on low heat and aim it at her skin with your hand in-between to monitor the heat. 0 Likes

Michelle posted June 5

Feeding after a bath seems to help my son. He’s always hungry afterward! 0 Likes

Oscar posted June 5

My wife and I keep a space heater right outside of the bathroom door (wouldn’t want it inside the bathroom in case there’s any splashing) and it would keep the room warm for our little one when it was time to get out of the water! 0 Likes

Sofia posted June 5

Try taking the towel out of the dryer right when bath time is done. That way it’s all warm! 0 Likes
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