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How do I stop my 4-year-old from using bad words?

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but my son has learned curse words from my road rage. How do I teach him that they’re bad and not okay to say?

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Sheida posted August 15, 2019

This was super tough for me - because I had to adjust to not using any bad words at all. Being a good example for your child is the best medicine for this. They copy everything they see you do, especially when they are little, and so you need to do everything you can to be a good role model for them! 0 Likes

Kya posted August 15, 2019

I told my daughter that curse words are like other adult things: driving, coffee, etc. She seemed to like that I was just being honest and serious with her and she hasn’t used any bad words since we had that talk. 0 Likes

Sharon posted August 19, 2019

I've recently started hearing my toddler use bad words too and I was so shocked! Even though it's like we know it's gonna happen but when it does it totally caught me off guard. I do my best to try and not over re-act too much because I do think he's trying to get a reaction out of me. Instead I try to say things like "that's not how our family talks" or I've even started trying to just turn and walk away without saying anything. Just to show that I'm not impressed with bad words and it's starting to pay off! Now that he's starting to get the idea I'm also rewarding him for his efforts. 0 Likes

Kori posted August 27, 2019

Although my kids learned the firm word no at an early age, we had to keep in mind that they always want to mirror what they hear and see. Clearly teaching children what classifies as adult things versus permissible kid things is huge. My children got creative and made up their own words in place of ‘bad’ words they knew they could not say and it didn’t really bother me. Instead of shut up, they would tell each other to close the door and I knew exactly what they meant (yes, shut up is a bad word in my house).

For me, bad words far exceed the common adult bad words. Some adults have to put money into a swear jar when using foul language, you could do the opposite. Create a bad word jar full of money that money will be taken from each time a bad word is used. For your 4 year old, a goodie jar might work better. Fill a jar with goodies/ snacks for each day and the fun snacks will be replaced with not so kid approved snacks each time a bad word is used.

Bettina posted August 27, 2019

I have a 11yr. 13 yr. And to my knowing they dont use curse words because its not tolerated even if ido use cursecwords doesnt mean they gonna use cursecwords . i simply had a talk with them and toldthem that curse words are grown up people words and if when they become grown ups if they choose to talk with grown up words than thats on tbem . but until than its very unacceptable and since i am getting better at not cursing because i do think that by me minimizing my bad words that will show them more that its not ok and ive been pleased to say they do pretty good . showing me that i should try my best to not curse its for the best and much easier for them to not want to. 0 Likes