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How do I teach my daughter to ride a bike?

Hi! We live in an apartment in the Inglewood area and my daughter has started wanting to learn how to ride a bike! Are there any good parks with bike paths in the area that we could visit to teach her how? It can get pretty busy on the streets here, so I’d rather her learn on a bike path/area than on the neighborhood streets. Thx Inglewood mamas.

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Sofia posted January 6

Hey Valencia! We live pretty close to the Edward Vincent Jr. Park and it has a really nice area that’s perfect for kids to ride bikes on! Hopefully this helps!! 0 Likes

Hana posted January 6

We normally head to Center park whenever we know the kids will be bringing their bikes or tricycles. There’s a little red path that circles the park and is perfect for little ones who are learning how to ride! It’s not a very big path either, so there normally aren’t any adults riding on it who would be riding too fast around your kids. Let me know if you go! 0 Likes