How do I tell my 3 year-old I'm pregnant again?

We’re pregnant again and I’m wondering when and how to tell my daughter. She’s three.

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Angela posted June 5

You can tell your child as soon as you tell the rest of your friends and family, or you can wait a little while longer if you think she will be impatient. She probably won’t notice until you are showing quite a bit! When it comes to how, there are lots of children’s books on the subject. My pediatrician always seemed to have really good recommendations! 0 Likes

Katie posted June 5

We just told my son there was a baby in my tummy. He didn’t actually ask very many follow up questions. Get ready for lots of talking to your stomach though - ALL THE TIME. It was really very sweet though. He was so excited about his little sister. It wasn’t until we had our third child and he was about 8 that we went into more detail. 0 Likes

Jessica posted June 9

We had a hard time telling our first born, but we made it fun and bought a book for him "You're a big brother now!" and read it to him every night. As I got more and more pregnant, I also told him his baby sister was in my belly and that she was super excited to meet him. Lastly, when our new baby was born, we made a conscious effort to include him on the first day and got a gift for him from his sister when he met her. 1 Like