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How do you deal with toddlers who are WAY TOO hyper?

Any tips for getting through the holidays with hyper kids? Anything will help!

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Leila posted December 9, 2019

We think our kids may have ADD or ADHD they are still pretty young so we are monitoting things. The doctor suggested we read about and use strategies used for kids with ADHD. We found a few good things that have worked for us. We have a treasure chest tantrum pack we carry with things that sooth and distract the kids when they are experiencing big feelings. We put things in like a small soft baby blanket with silky edges, lavendar essential oil, blue playdough, a Rubik's Cube, and a head massager. We only pull this box out if and when they are having a tough time. We also give the kids tasks to do like putting them in charge of time or turning off the lights. Empowering them and acknowledging how helpful and what great leaders they are really goes a long way. Find a way of rewarding your kids that works for you all and is easy to continue executing. Consistency is key! 0 Likes

Sara posted December 9, 2019

We highly suggest creating an agenda similar to the kids would have at daycare or school. Pick a few activities good for everyone and plan around your kids' needs and normal schedules. Set expectations and review rules and consequences from the beginning so they know what to expect. Have regular check ins and a quiet spot where you can pull your kids into for redirection if needed. Another thing that has really helped us to reduce meltdowns is stepping away from others and explaining any change in plans to our kids before they happen. This helps reduce the impact of change. Take extra activities that your kids like so you could pull out any time if needed and provide positive reinforcement acknowledging good behavior. Best of luck and happy holidays! 0 Likes