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How do you get your toddler to wear a mask?

Hi mamas! I’m struggling with getting my 3 y.o. to wear a face mask when we go out. She ends up taking it off almost righ away and it just turns into a fight. Any advice helps!!

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Rosa posted June 19, 2020

I’m having the same problem!! It’s so frustrating, my 4 yr old throws a fit! I just tell him he won’t be able to run errands with mommy if he doesn’t keep it on! 0 Likes

Bethanny posted June 19, 2020

I think if it ends up being a huge fight then just let it be….as long as your taking other precautions she should be fine...unless the place requires masks for everyone, then shes gotta tough it out! 0 Likes

Tecola posted June 19, 2020

Hey there, I offer my daughter and daycare kiddos a reward for keeping it on..... suckers, stickers, extra time on the tablet. Things like that! It’s definitely not easy!!! Good luck!! 0 Likes

Lillian posted June 19, 2020

Don’t take her out. Maybe suggest the mask game. Make it fun and if she sees you wearing it she might be more willing to use it. Try taking her places where there are few people and then just tell her it’s a game so no one will know who she is like in Halloween. Don’t be uptight, if you are she will feel it and resist wearing the mask. Also you can draw on the mask to make it pretty. 0 Likes

Shally posted June 19, 2020

I told the children we are pretend to be a ninja, so we will wear a ninja mask. This is cool. I also explain to preschooler there is an virus in the air, we don’t want it to into our mouth, so we need to cover our mouth. 0 Likes

Channel posted June 24, 2020

I gave my two year old a toy stethoscope and told her to pretend to be a doctor. She was happy to wear her mask. Afterwards I modeled for her, I said “see mommy is wearing a mask every day. You want to do it like mommy?” She always imitated what I do so now wearing a mask is common for her now. Everything with toddlers is either fun and games/ monkey see monkey do. I hope this method works. 1 Like

Channel posted June 24, 2020

Also even though my toddler wears her mask willingly now, she doesn’t wear it properly. Sometimes she get irritated when I pull it over her nose, especially since it’s getting warmer. Sometimes there’s no winning with toddler, you just have to pick your battles. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 0 Likes

Myra posted June 24, 2020

Baby see baby do my grandson loves to put his on when he sees mommy and grandma with there's on try that most little ones want to be just like us grown up ! 0 Likes

Adriana posted July 1, 2020

they are selling hats with plastic protection in front. maybe it will help 0 Likes

Adriana posted July 1, 2020

sometimes is good to show them mama first with mask and then... tell them you next... we need to wear the mask when we are out side..... I did that with my 1 and 10 months and she doesn't take it off. 0 Likes

Mariama posted July 1, 2020

you can't force those ages to put on those masks anytime you want them to do something you have to come down to the level 0 Likes

Katie posted July 7, 2020

I went on Etsy and let my 4 year old daughter pic out her own mask design. Now when we go out she’s happy to put on her Elsa mask. 1 Like