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How long do you let your baby cry before picking them up?

Who else is struggling with this? Do I use the cry it out method for sleep training? What works? Help!!

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Shonda posted June 3, 2020

I hear you!! It’s not easy, but just remember it’s probably harder on you than it is on your little one. If your baby is <6 months then don’t worry about sleep training quite yet, but if you’re in the thick of it, hang in there! 1 Like

Alyssa posted June 3, 2020

I know people swear by it and it works for a lot of infants, it did NOT work for me. The CIO may simpoly just not be for you. I always wait a few mins though, so maybe try that? 😊 1 Like

Alyssa posted June 16, 2020

I don’t do CIO with my son. They cry because they need us. Here’s a link for a babe I follow on FB called the Beyond Sleep Training Project. https://thebeyondsleeptrainingproject.com/blog/the-beyond-sleep-training-project-stance-on-what-constitutes-sleep-training 0 Likes

Samantha posted June 16, 2020

Go with what you feel. If you are okay to pick the little one up then go for it. But if you need to step away because you are pulling hair out, make sure the little one is in safe spot and let em cry. Follow your instinct. No right or wrong as long as they are safe and loved. 0 Likes

Michele posted June 16, 2020

My daughter just turned 10 months today. I did not let her cry it out nor did I let either of my sons cry it out when they were younger. My daughter finally began sleeping through the night at 9 months on her own. I noticed the biggest difference with a time frame in between her waking was when she began solid food. The more solid food she ate during the day, and the closer to bedtime she ate solid food, the better she slept and the longer she slept. 0 Likes