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How long is CCDF approval wait time? Do you have to submit pay stubs earlier with other documents?

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Chasidy posted September 9, 2021

It is best to submit all documentation together to avoid any delays 0 Likes

Shanik posted September 9, 2021

Down here in Indianapolis they been backed up one of my daycare kids parents been waiting for 3months almost 0 Likes

Cassandra posted October 26, 2021

Yes mam. It is always best to provide what is needed plus any other additional forms just in case. Always contact the worker once you have submitted everything or leave a message with your name and case number in case they don’t answer. 0 Likes

Nicole posted November 4, 2021

I have had parents in Washington wait over 3 mos.
Someone said child services was able to connect them directly . Good luck