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How to help my child improve at math!

This is our first child and we want to help our son develop strong math skills as we prepare for school. Any tips on how to math seem like part of daily life rather than a scary subject?

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Mindy posted November 18, 2019

The best you can do for your kid is make math part of your life. Practice counting and measuring things our loud when you are around them. We also use an incentive system where our kids get stickers for using or attempting to use math. When we go to the store we take a list and work through problem solving together to figure out how many, or how much of each item we may need to feed the household. We also recently bought the kids a small cash register toy and play money and have been playinhg store with them while working on simple adding and subtracting. 0 Likes

Ida posted November 18, 2019

We definitely suggest investing in giant die. Start playing with one and once your kids become familiar with numbers 1-6 add a second one and begin working on adding and subtracting. We used hop scotch and jump roping at the beginning and slowly added challenges to make a kid's crossfit like circuit. My husband and I are pretty into fitness and found movement to work in our favor with the kids. For some reason it is like something happens in their brain that helps them get things better when they are saying it and doing it. In our work out circuits we include reading the number, tracing it in the air with ribbons, jumping a certain amount of jumps and then sprinting to a silly stuffed clown the kids then get to squeeze his nose to win the challenge. This works for us, try different things and see what works best with your family. The last thing we will leave you with is whatever you may select, have fun! Kids can tell when things are genuine, so if you are genuinely enjoying the atciivty and watching your kids have fun, your kids will genuinely enjoy the activity as well. 0 Likes

Tiffany posted November 26, 2019

Enviroment plays a big part counting tress leaves ..counting ..walking down the steps going up the steps ..fruits and snacks he loves count how many he wants ..warm him in they have alot of educational games aswell since technology is a hit .. 1 Like

Shally posted November 26, 2019

You put daily life into math, such as counting through eating time by asking open ended question. For example, I wonder how many bean in my plate? If I eat 5 beans, how many left in my plate? Play sorting game, and finger play to incorporate counting. We can do 5 little monkey jumping on the bed. As we sing, we will count down by using fingers. 0 Likes

Feyi posted November 26, 2019

Turn every moment into a teachable moment. For example going up stairs count how many stairs, how is left, how many you have climbed. From breakfast to dinner count how many people sitting, if one gets up, how many people left etc. Eventually this becomes and habbit and natural. Never force a child to learn because it will only scare them more. Start from very simple addition and subtraction and make it fun all day long. 0 Likes