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I need suggestion for an insurance for my home child care

What type should i get
And any recommendations for an insurance company?
I am renting and the landlord has one but not for the daycare.
Thank you

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Mariela posted August 21, 2020

Hello, State Farm insurance offers childcare insurance. 0 Likes

Mariela posted August 21, 2020

I don't know what state you are in, but here in California is what I have. 0 Likes

Tanya posted August 22, 2020


Andris posted August 23, 2020

https://www.assurechildcare.com 0 Likes

Izabella posted August 24, 2020

I have insurance through my home insurance company (state farm) 0 Likes

Nicole posted August 24, 2020

What state are you in? 0 Likes

Izabella posted August 24, 2020

California. Sorry farmers not state farm 0 Likes

Amrin posted August 25, 2020

ACC 0 Likes

Arwa posted August 25, 2020

I am in cali how much is it the average? I have a car insurance can i do it throughout my car insurance?? 0 Likes

Carol posted August 26, 2020

Assure childcare insurance 0 Likes

Tiffany posted September 4, 2020

assure 0 Likes

Jande posted September 11, 2020

State Farm does offer coverage, however it is ONLY if your home daycare has 6 children or less. Even if you have a renters policy that liability endorsement can be added.

Vola posted September 11, 2020

Assurechildcare 0 Likes

Funmilayo posted September 13, 2020

Assured child care, is the company I use. 0 Likes

Lisa posted September 21, 2020

Assured seem to carry the most vote! 0 Likes