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Imaginary play and friends – help!

My son keeps talking to his imaginary friends and immersing himself in imaginary worlds, I'm starting to get worried that it's going too far. Any advice?

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Mara posted July 14, 2020

I really enoucrage the imaginary play. I know the friends are sometimes a lot but wtih the lack of socialization bc of COVID I think that they probably just want to talk to someone! 1 Like

Gene posted July 14, 2020

Keep encouraging it!!! World builidng is such a vital tool and I find that not enough adults even know what that means. I thinkit's great for kids to be lose themselves in their imagination 0 Likes

Leslie posted July 14, 2020

Hello Rita! Keep encouraging it! It may seem a little bit weird to witness it happening, but this is great for his development! Since it's hard for your child to be social with others, this is a great way for him to develop. Join in and ask open ended questions! Like: "Oh what did __ say?" or "What is your imaginary friend like?" 0 Likes

Kandy posted August 8, 2020

There is a 2019 movie that my kids & I liked. it is called Wonder Park. My kids & I enjoyed it because it was about using your imagination and all the things you can come up with. Many people who reviewed this movie, looked way too deep into (IMO). It might be a movie for you & your child to watch together. See how the mother & her daughter share in this use of imagination. 0 Likes