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Imaginary play and friends – help!

My son keeps talking to his imaginary friends and immersing himself in imaginary worlds, I'm starting to get worried that it's going too far. Any advice?

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Mara posted July 14

I really enoucrage the imaginary play. I know the friends are sometimes a lot but wtih the lack of socialization bc of COVID I think that they probably just want to talk to someone! 1 Like

Gene posted July 14

Keep encouraging it!!! World builidng is such a vital tool and I find that not enough adults even know what that means. I thinkit's great for kids to be lose themselves in their imagination 0 Likes

Leslie posted July 14

Hello Rita! Keep encouraging it! It may seem a little bit weird to witness it happening, but this is great for his development! Since it's hard for your child to be social with others, this is a great way for him to develop. Join in and ask open ended questions! Like: "Oh what did __ say?" or "What is your imaginary friend like?" 0 Likes