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In- Home Childcare or Center facility?

I planning to open a facility please parents advise me for a choice. There is two choices.
Infants In care home or Child Care facility in Center thank you for advise any ideas please mention thanks!

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Terina posted August 18, 2020

How many kids would u like to have 1 Like

Nelda posted August 25, 2020

In home childcare you start with 8 kids a center facility you have to have child development education 1 Like

Liliana posted August 26, 2020

I will finish my AA in three quarter this year 2020 them I will apply for Speech Pathologists or Psychology not sure :) 0 Likes

Lisa posted September 8, 2020

In home childcare will be suitable for now 0 Likes

Tiffany posted September 9, 2020

start off small childcare to get the feel of what you will be doing and then work tkur way up 0 Likes

Nora posted September 15, 2020

Hi Liliana
Family home care facility allows you to have max 14 kids. Vs. In the center you can have up to 80 kids. However, for the center you should have certain number of parking space for parents and employees. I would suggest to start with the family home and then after few years you can open your center. Good luck.