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Looking to become a nanny

I love kids. I’m 22 years old I don’t have any siblings so growing up I’ve always wanted to take care and babysit kids professionally. Growing up I would take care of my aunts kids or an family member kids when they wanted to go on vacations or out on dates or had to work because I was the oldest. I’m a positive energetic person even when I’m having a bad day I still stay positive. My favorite part about taking care of a child would be the ability to be in their lives while their growing up. I also love how their so into music so growing up since I’ve been playing piano since I was 7 I try to keep kids entertained with music. And allow them to play on my piano just to have fun an have an experience. I also volunteer at this church spero dei babysitting little kids while their parents are in church.From infants to children 1 and up. My schedule is very open. I am fully vaccinated I have both shots. I love Reading books because they love.it. I love reading since I was in school. Since I was a little girl. The more stories you read to them the more words a baby will hear and the better they'll be able to talk. It’s amazing how when a baby hear words it helps to build a baby's brain and thought process. Improving their language skills takes time but it’s so great to see a baby grow and see their growth.I’m the only child so I decided to get into this occupation. It was bored growing up so I love my job. I love babysitting because I get to stay in touch with who I was when I was younger. Having fun and just being a kid again. Children are so delightful and they teach you something new everyday. also becoming a role model to someone that is still growing up. Because kids pay attention to everything and the people around them. Just having an impact on them.I’m very reliable. Because hiring a nanny you would want the sitter to respect the job and your time by showing up on time.I love giving out attention and love. Kids are affectionate,their honest,and funny and to have that experience as a job I love it. I’m fully vaccinated. My schedule is very open. I have worked with all ages of children. 3 years of experience and a clean background check I would love to send as well. I also have great experience with special needs/autistic kids. Looking to become a nanny in the Nashville area

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Deanna posted January 25, 2022

Hey where are you located? 0 Likes

Keandria posted January 25, 2022

Nashville Tennessee 0 Likes