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My 20 month old talks very little

Hi, I have a 20 month old daughter who understands everything I speak. She says about 10 words like dada, mummy, yes , no, baby, shoe , up, down, out, in , wow . When I ask her to repeat after me, sometimes she says something so random and different than what I am saying. But she attempts to say it. I'm a first time mom and we are bilingual home. Is this common? She takes in everything, but when I ask her to repeat, she attempts, but it sounds nothing like what I am asking her to say. For example, when I ask her to say "all done" - she always says "ooo ba " - so now I just know when she says oooo ba it's all done. Just trying to understand if this is their way of Learning to explore with speech ?

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La'Vijah posted August 18, 2021

she is getting there if you have niece or nephew around 1,2,3 or even 6 year they usually know what the infant or toddler is saying 0 Likes

La'Vijah posted August 18, 2021

they can tell you what she's saying also 😂 it strange but it's called gibberish 0 Likes

Alexandra posted August 18, 2021

Have you had her ears checked? If she can hear fine, does she try and put words into sentences, even though they might not sound right? Does she ask for things? Share things with you?
Sometimes the use of language comes before exact pronunciation.I didn’t start talking using actual words till around three and language development can also be slower if she is learning two languages at the same time.
If you are concerned ask your pediatrician as well, they can help guide you in the right direction

Irma posted August 20, 2021

She is OK just be Patient 0 Likes

Belkis Y. posted August 20, 2021

If she is exposed to two different languages. one person should speak ONLY ONE language and the other caregiver the OTHER LANGUAGE. All children develop at their own pace. 0 Likes

Rachel posted August 23, 2021

Receptive language understanding (being able to understand) is exponentially more developed at this age than expressive language (using words- appropriately AND being able to retrieve words successfully.) It sounds like she’s right where she should be. 0 Likes

Nasali Academy posted August 23, 2021

Hi mom!
She is bilingual, he is going to take time she is going to speak. We are bilingual in my family. I have a daycare, we are trilingual. Don't worries mom she is going to speak.

Deborah posted August 28, 2021

That’s common in a child that age. If she understands the language will develop over time. You always give her the words allow her to repeat what she hears she’ll get. 0 Likes

Gia posted September 3, 2021

Wait until you out in her pre K. She won’t stop talking. Don’t worry about it. She’s fine. She’s learning from you everyday and absorbing it. 0 Likes

Nicole posted September 6, 2021

That was the first thing I was going to ask was if your family is bilingual... Yes I believe this is very common when a child is that small they are listening and developing their language skills but they are learning two different languages at the same time. I have grandchildren who have a mother who speaks Spanish and a father who speaks English and it's the same. I also have a friend who is Russian and her son is 3 years old and sometimes we can't understand what he's saying but he understands everything being said in both languages.. Be patient your child is still so young and bravo to you for teaching your child 2 languages BRILLIANT! You will be surprised when those words start coming out! Fun! 0 Likes

Deborah posted September 10, 2021

That’s ok if she understands the speech will come. Ask her lots of questions threw out the day. Let the child respond then you repeat the correct answer this add to her vocabulary she get it. 0 Likes

Elizabeth posted October 31, 2021

You may want to try having only one language in the household. Also sometimes you have to just be patient. Lastly, you can try enrolling in early intervention with the State. 0 Likes

Teresa posted November 15, 2021

Keep the dual language in the house, and keep conversing with her. Keep using your normal, adult speech. Comprehension always comes before they can answer clearly. Your pediatrician is a great resource . Take your daughter in and have her hearing checked to eliminate the possibility of hearing loss. Ask your doctor where she should be in terms of speech based on her age and the dual language household. Children who are exposed to more than one language when they are young bypass single language students by age 5 most of the time! 0 Likes