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My 2yo is having separation anxiety and emotional distress how to heal her

So I sent my two year old to a great reputable day care, last month, during the first week she cried non stop until I pick her up and I only left her for an hour or two a day since she was crying and teachers were trying to entertain her however she didn’t respond she would just cry all day and didn’t eat anything, the following week she would cry during drop off but she would eat her breakfast and lunch and she would play and interact with other kids and it was fun for her but she would cry whenever I come to pick her up, the following two weeks were much better and she enjoyed her time however she still cried but during drop off only and she used to yell for me to stay with her. Apart from her time at the daycare her personality changed completely she hates going out she hates anywhere but home she hates people she cries whenever we go out or whenever we meet anyone she doesn’t even like the places she used to enjoy like certain parks and playgrounds. She is so clingy to me, she cries at anything and she hates going anywhere but home. Everyday she wakes up saying don’t leave me. We definitely stopped day care since the beginning of July however she likes to watch all her videos from day care when she was playing with her friends and she likes to view all the photos and she keeps calling their names, but if I told her let’s go play with them she starts crying and screaming. I stopped day care because I didn’t like how she has become and I m afraid she will stay like this for a while

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Savannah posted July 10, 2022

Aww, I’m so sorry y’all are going through that. It’s definitely very difficult when that happens and I have seen that happen many a time. I knew a lady that every time she would leave her baby with anyone her baby would just scream. She stayed super clingy to her mom for a few months. Eventually she just seemed to grow out of it. I saw the same little girl today and she was perfectly happy and having no issues with being away from her mom. Hopefully the same thing will happen for you and it will start being easier a lot sooner. Best wishes! 0 Likes

Ms. Nicole posted July 10, 2022

Consistency is key .
I mean as long as you are seeing progress she will adapt .
Most kids get some practice going to a sitter or church or gym daycare for practice seeing parents leave & come back .
The pandemic had changed that world for 2 year olds.
I had a little girl who would vomit or nearly get sick every time her mom left . Mom would stay through breakfast to try to “soften the Velcro “ it got better with coming for half days & Mondays were a lil rough at first but she learned the routine and started to recognize the time frame in our schedule for her parent pick up .
She eased into outdoor time and interacted really well with others and learned all of our songs and games . She even was excited to do longer days eventually and take rest with her friends .
It took a bit more sensitivity towards her adjustment but I saw it often with 2year olds this year being more sheltered than usual .
I really think consistency /and having a normal predictable routine is key to making the kiddos feel safer in a brand new environment . Hood this gives relief to providers and parents 😉 “ everything is difficult at first “
If you return maybe you can try half days