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My 3 y.o. won’t sleep through the night anymore?

Help! My daughter used too be a perfect sleeper, now she wakes up screaming every nite!! What should I do?

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Lee posted June 4, 2020

This happened with me to...I put a nitelight in my son’s room and it helped him go back to sleep faster..try that? 0 Likes

Mary posted June 4, 2020

Might be night terrors?? My doc said it’s normal at this age, but it is realy scary poor baby :( 1 Like

Michele posted June 16, 2020

If your child is able to communicate what’s waking them up at night, and it is night terrors, providing them a squirt bottle with water and a scented oil mixed in and labeling bottle monster away spray and allowing them to spray around the room before they go to sleep can often begin to help. Again a nightlight is also helpful. 0 Likes

Diane posted June 18, 2020

Sounds like night terrors. Track what she eats at dinner and before bed. We found out ice cream was the cause of my son’s night terrors and sleep walking. 0 Likes

Dian posted March 10

is she sleeping all day? Then she has her days and nights confused. Or start bathing her at night instead of day 0 Likes