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My son is teething and won't eat! Advice?

My little one has started teething and it has been so painful for him that feeding has been really difficult! He barely takes his bottle at all, but I can tell he’s hungry because I can hear his stomach making noises! I’ve tried Motrin and even some Tylenol, but I don’t want to keep giving him those and they didn’t seem to help anyway.

How do I get him to eat?

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Felicia posted June 19, 2019

You can try yogurt or frozen bananas. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! It’s so stressful when our babies are struggling. 0 Likes

Maxine posted June 19, 2019

Has he started eating solids yet? My baby loved cucumber sticks and carrots when she was teething. I think the pressure helped relieve some of her pain. She also seemed to make up for any weight as soon as the discomfort went away. There were only a few days of her really not eating much. Make sure your baby is hydrated though! 0 Likes

Gaby posted July 2, 2019

Frozen fruit and veggies are a great relief for those little swollen gums and there are great feeders in the market like the Munchkin brand and you can freeze bananas, blueberries, strawberries or mango or mix them. I would not recommend to give a baby a whole piece of banana just to play it safe. Freeze the fruit overnight and the meal will be ready for the next day. You can also over cook veggies, like broccoli, carrots, zucchinis and put them in there. 2 Likes

Paula posted September 3, 2019

In between meals try helping to sooth the pain with a frozen teething ring or a frozen washcloth to soothe the gums. Hopefully this alleviates some of the pain and make sure to keep up hydration. If it continues to get worse I would speak to your doctor. 0 Likes