My son is too obsessed with Dr. Seuss!

My son is so funny! He is 3 and loves listening to Dr. Seuss books at school. But what I've discovered is that he is taking his imagination to another level and it trying everything they are in the books! He wants me to make green eggs everyday and is constantly doing crazy things like Thing 1 & Thing 2! How can I stop this?

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Rita posted September 30

This was so cute - had me smiling while reading it! Dr. Seuss is so amazing and there definitely is a LOT of imagination in the books. I would say to just embrace your child's imagination but reroute. So instead of green eggs for breakfast, you can have him make "green eggs" via play dough and serve you! You can also give him a space to be "crazy" in (i.e. an outdoor space dedicated to only Dr.Seuss behavior)! 0 Likes

Saras posted September 30

Oh boy! I would say to let him grow his imagination as much as possible and when it gets too out of hand, show him something that will create positive energy for you (i.e dress up and read Dr. Seuss books) instead of acting out the situations. 0 Likes

Trinity posted October 11

I'd say as long as his activities carried out by his imagination are age-appropriate and healthy, let him continue to indulge. Imagination is one of the most beautiful joys of childhood. Him wanting to incorporate some items from the books also opens up your imagination to help bring some of those things to life. Add green safe food coloring to his eggs and take a picture as his face lights up, you'll be his hero! 0 Likes

Maggie posted October 14

Why would you like him to stop? Is it certain behavior you would like to avoid? If he's imitating Thing 1 & Thing 2 maybe introduce him to other books, Dr. Seuss has so many to choose from! 0 Likes
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