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My toddler cries whenever I leave her alone! Help!

My 3 year old cries whenever I leave her anywhere by herself. What should I do? It makes me feel so bad every time!

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Charmaine posted August 15, 2019

It’s so important not to let it get to you! If you respond to it then she’ll just learn to cry whenever she wants attention and you will be reinforcing a really bad pattern in your child. Stay strong! You’ve got this! 0 Likes

Amy posted August 15, 2019

I don’t totally agree with Charmaine. I think it’s important that you comfort her when she needs it, but to make sure that you are not doing so when it is unnecessary. By leaving her alone when it’s okay to do so, like at daycare or with your parents or with a friend’s family, you are teaching her that she can be okay on her own! 0 Likes

Peyton posted August 19, 2019

It sounds like your little one may be experiencing separation anxiety. Toddlers still don't have a strong sense of time so they don't know when you'll return after you leave. Try explaining the process of leaving and coming back to your toddler. For example saying that you love her/him and let them know you'll return. It can also help to give them their favorite stuffed toy or blankey to sooth them. You could even make a special goodbye just between the two of you, like a secret handshake or wave when saying goodbye. Make sure you get a steady routine going so it becomes more familiar so they feel in control and it's less scary! 1 Like