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Parks with playgrounds and trees?

Moms! I’m looking for some suggestions for parks with good playgrounds with LOTS OF SHADE. We have a park pretty close to our house, but there are no trees and it makes taking the kids to the park a totally not fun experience. Our family lives in the Moreno Valley area. Moms and dads, what parks do you all like best? And ones with shade pretty please!!

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Dayla posted January 6, 2020

We’re pretty close to Celebration Park and they have lots of shade and a beautiful brand new playground! Have you tried going there before? 0 Likes

Minerva posted January 6, 2020

Westbluff is an amazing park! They have so many pretty trees for me to relax under and they have a playground for my little ones too. It’s a beautiful park! My escape <3 0 Likes