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Screening incoming parents

Hell everyone recently I had a bad run in with a new family what are you guying doing about new parent screenings far as back ground checks,
Previous daycare provider references??? Please help

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Jamesetta posted August 10, 2021

I’ve had the same issue… I think screening the parent and when they come to tour I always request they bring their children so I can get a feel. I think asking for previous provider reference is a good ideal as well. 0 Likes

Mariela posted August 10, 2021

Usually to new families I explain that we will have a trial period of up to 2 weeks to see if the children adjust to being in daycare. For some kids it is very difficult and it just doesn't work. And if this is the case, I speak with the parents and explain the situation to them and give them the notice of the last day that their children can be in my nursery. Do not feel bad that after doing everything possible to make the children feel good, and welcome, things do not work, that happens. The important thing is that the children in your nursery feel happy. 1 Like

Jamesetta posted August 10, 2021

Mariela… Amen 0 Likes

Neth posted August 15, 2021

Actually We’re care providers only things we can ask is just get the filling and a little knowledge from new parents is, has your kids been with daycare before? If saying yes normally new parents will explain reasons they’re leaving previous providers , but if there’s any issues or concerns which regards to behaviors of new parents or providers you will hear from either side. 0 Likes

Krystal posted August 16, 2021

I’m not sure if this service is available in every area but there is a program called Docs for Tots that may be able to assist. They have a free 10 week program that assists daycare providers and children with social emotional issues that may occur, especially during these times. Best wishes.

Deborah posted August 28, 2021

You should ask where are they presently getting care? Some of these people hop from daycare to daycare they don’t care about there children. Parents leave and don’t give notice and think it ok.
I had situation where the parent tried to give me a one week notice I informed them they owe me two weeks notice. They paid for one week I said please send payment for your last week of care they said no so I said well you can’t come back. Moral of the story don’t allow parents to rewrite to your rules you can’t stay in business that way.

Nicole posted September 6, 2021

Wow!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I ran a daycare for 11 years in my home and I never thought to get references on the parents because they get a background check on us and references from us. I just give all parents a chance to prove to me that they can do the right thing and if we disagree and their family is not a good fit for my home then I give them a notice and stop doing care for them because it does start with the parents and the children are going to learn those parents Behavior depending on what it is. 0 Likes

Cassandra posted October 26, 2021

I screen all of my potential and new clients before enrolling them. All families enrolling with us must have a DHS clearance sent to us and we will keep it on file. This’ll all parents must have their child with them so I can see if our team is equipped to handle their specific needs. 0 Likes

posted November 18, 2021

Thanks this was helpful 0 Likes
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